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Our Story

Alyenendrov & Maria

Alyenendrov and Maria are based in Cincinnati, OH.  They specialize in Cabaret and Argentine Tango.  Their mission is simple; To share the passion that gave rise to their dreams; the passion that created their love. The passion that gives them hope and direction each morning.


They are a young partnership and excited for the future!  They have already achieved much in their 3 years competing Cabaret: IHSC (Hustle world) Professional Cabaret Champions (2016-2017), US Open SWING DANCE Championships, Cabaret Champions (2016-2019), National Finalists in Cabaret and Theater Arts (2017), and winners of the 2017-2019 USA Grand National Dance Championships (SWING DANCE) Cabaret division. 2018 and 2019 Ohio Star Ball cabaret Champions. They also had the honor of competing on Season 3 of NBC's World of Dance.

Argentine Tango is close to their hearts as well – the complexity of the footwork and the passionate essence of the dance make it a thrilling dance to perform and to watch. Alyenendrov and Maria are 2017’s World Stage Tango Champions.

Their love of ballroom has grown as fast as their accomplishments.  They own a studio in Cincinnati and are centered around the belief that anything is achievable – whatever the odds – through passion and hard work.  They are so grateful for their team of coaches who support them, teach them, encourage them, guide them, and above all, believe in them -  Mark Brock, Michael Chapman, Fernanda Ghi, and Tommye Giacchino – and for all of the other coaches they see less often but who impart so much wisdom and leave indelible marks on them and their dancing – Georgia Ambarian, Maria Hansen, Linda Jackson & Charles Jones, Eric Luna, Bob Powers, Ray Rivers, and Andrea Stefano.

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